Pippa’s Place Kenya

Pippa’s Place provides a home for children who are orphaned, abandoned or unable to be cared for by relatives - - the children are brought into a loving family and will have a real home with parents and siblings, like any other child. The number of children left alone after the AIDS epidemic in Kenya is enormous: this is a home that allows them to grow in safety and good health until they are ready to be independent and their care will continue even into adulthood, with support from loving parents that is typical for their age and abilities. The first child entered the home in March 2009.

The parents have decided that as it is in the best interest of the children to be true family members they will adopt, rather than foster whenever this is possible. Children with known family who cannot care for them will be encouraged to maintain links with their family of origin and will only be adopted into the family if this is the wish of their birth family.

The family is supported by, among other activities, sponsorship of these children.

Our second, more long term, mission:  to build a peaceful and just community in which these children, and others, can grow to eventually be parents and community leaders as adults.

In doing so we will be preventing and relieving sickness and disability, both mental and physical. We will be protecting the welfare of children and providing counseling services for them when in distress.

We will also be addressing the stigma of AIDs and reducing the potential for violence through education and reducing the likelihood of attachment disorders.