About Us

A Brief History of the Fundy Peace Foundation

The Fundy Peace Foundation was incorporated in 2006 by a small group of Canadians interested in pursuing aid projects in Africa. The original board members were primarily medical practitioners or mental health clinicians that had all worked in the area of Post Traumatic Stress. Many had also worked abroad in war-affected areas either as independent aid workers or as members of aid teams. Their goal was to create a Maritimes-based foundation that could focus specifically on providing a mix of materials (medical and educational equipment primarily) and medical and mental health expertise.

The first of the Foundation’s project areas was Sierra Leone. Two board members had already been engaged in providing support and help to the northern areas of that country where much of the fighting in the 12-year civil war had taken place. They were familiar with the needs there and had a rich network of contacts through which to provide the support. Projects pursued in Sierra Leone included working with teachers to create a peace curriculum for local schools, providing local hospitals with medical equipment, and providing direct support and counseling to former child combatants.

The second project area developed was in the lake districts of Kenya. A local group near Nakuru was interested in addressing the needs of children being abandoned after their parents learned that they were HIV positive. The intense ethnic tensions in the area and the occasional outburst of violence made organizing services for these children difficult. The board partnered with a local trust to launch Pippa’s Place, dedicated to helping HIV positive infants and young children with the medical and educational services they need to better pursue their lives. We also are attempting to start the process of developing culturally sensitive peace curriculums there as well.

The foundation restricts its activities to a few localities in our project countries so as to provide better follow-through. Through the development of solid partnerships in our participant communities, we have, we believe, developed healthy collaborative relationships with the local citizens and their leaders. The ultimate goal is for participant communities and foundation workers to continually educate and enrich each other’s lives while pursuing projects that can bring concrete benefits to individuals, families and villages.