Visions and Values


The Fundy Peace Foundation is a part of a strong culture of Organizations, Foundations and Government Agencies working towards Peace.


The board passed the following value provisions to help it guide its self-governance and the governance of the various projects it sponsors. The planning for each project by the board includes a review of how well the goals and modalities of execution of the project respect these values.

  1. Respect for human rights is paramount, with no bias accorded to sex, age, experience, religion, cultural background or ethnicity.
  2. Interventions are respectful of culture, and all participants will have an understanding of the local culture before any project is initiated.
  3. In situations where a dichotomy exists between the culture, as it exists, and the beliefs necessary to establish and maintain peace, Fundy Peace Foundation projects will endeavor to catalyze change at a pace that is acceptable to that community.
  4. We hold true that cultures will evolve towards fairness and equality given opportunities and stability.
  5. All members of a society have a valuable role to play in peace building whatever their age, sex or experience.
  6. Projects offer mentorship and support, as opposed to importing external expertise on a sustained basis.
  7. Prevention is better than the cure: the building and maintenance of Peace may occur through post-conflict and pre-conflict interventions.
  8. Peace cannot be established through the use of threats and violence and is not simply the absence of war.
  9. Projects will only be sustainable when embedded in the local community and culture with their participation at all stages (setting up, running and evaluating) of the project.